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The story of Bailey & Ben

Meet Ben, one of the founders of Bailey & Ben. We opened shop on eBay and Etsy in 2009 selling only guinea pig pouches as seen in photo. (right)

Ben passed away in 2015, but she helped test new products and she helped model for our growing shop.

We still sell guinea pig pouches, but have grown to bandanas, blankets, collars and more. 

When you shop small...

When you choose to shop small with us, you are not only supporting us, you are supporting dozens of other small shops that we support to keep our business running. We had a logo company on Etsy design our logo, we purchase our stickers we include in every order from a local small business, our cork tags and silk tags are made by an Etsy shop, and we choose to purchase our packaging from small companies as well instead of buying from big box stores. 

When possible, we try to choose fabric from small family run fabric stores so we can not only support their small business, but we can fill our shop with unique prints you may not find in other bandana shops.

As Seen In...

We have been in two subscription boxes. Our bandanas were in Smoosh Box Subscription boxes and our pocket pet pouches were found in Rat Pak Monthly subscription boxes.

We love wholesale orders. Feel free to send us an email for discounted wholesale rates.